Accu-measure body fat calipers

You need to control your percentage of bodyfat.  Too much body fat is seriously dangerous and is nothing to make fun of, especially for the person carrying this potential health destroyer.  Get the ridiculously inexpensive accumeasure body fat tester kit today!




Why does anyone need  accu-measure body fat calipers anyway?  In 2005 I was involved with a network marketing company that held a fat burning contest.  A man by the name of Bill Philips committed to pay his favorite charity, the children’s wish foundation, $100.00 for every pound of fat we all lost collectively.  The co-founders of the company also committed to match that amount to the same charity.


The first thing we did was have our body fat percentage calculated, using the accu-measure body fat calipers.  Most of us were used to stepping on a scale to determine our results but in time we all realized how much more important the measurement of body fat percentage was to our health.


After 12 weeks from the start of the measurement of our body-fat using the said accu-measure body fat calipers, to my happy surprise, I went from 37% bmi to 24% bmi.  To those not familiar with these terms, my “weight” went from 267 pounds to 227 pounds in 12 weeks.  That’s 40 disgusting pounds of body-lard-fat and I was so happy to be rid of it.  I was informed by the measuring team that I was number one in the company out of approx. 2000 participants.


I remember at the final measuring, it was the first time in years that I felt incredibly good to take off my shirt so they can use their accu-measure body fat calipers on me.  At the ceremony, I was rudely ignored as the top winner and the top 10 other winners stepped up to the podium to show all their progress.  Some even showed off their 2 pounds of fat they lost.  What a JOKE!  All my fellow colleagues were shocked.  Here I was a 40 pound of FAT loser with $4,000.00 and a matching $4,000.00 now going to the Children’s Wish because of my efforts and there I sat, flabbergasted at a ridiculous outcome.  Needless to say, the networking marketing company did not survive.  I wonder if they even sent the money in as promised.


Sorry about that bit of past bitterness I still hold.  The point is though, that experience really pissed me off and I began a downward spiral.  I had purchased my own accu-measure body fat calipers and since that event, I put them away forever.  My discipline disappeared too and without the knowledge of keeping my body fat percent in-tact, guess who gained all that fat back and some?


If you don’t check the weather you will have a hard time guessing how to prepare yourself for the day.  If you ignore your body-fat percentage, you may not be preparing yourself for optimal health.  Things just have a way of slipping by as they did with me and then oh oh, we could have some serious challenges on our hands….obesity!  Accu-measure body fat calipers are inexpensive and well worth the 10 bucks.  Get them, measure up and plan your future.




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